Who are the typical crowdworkers?

Two hands writing on a laptop keyboard with a smartphone and a coffee cup standing next to it

If you take a closer look at this field you will find out very soon that there is no typical crowdworker. Crowdworking is meant for everyone who wants to earn a little money and has the necessary technical resources. A smartphone or a PC is all it takes if someone wants to start to work as a crowdworker.

Because of its easy and simple character crowdworking often attracts young people. Crowdworking tasks can be accomplished after school or studying. But this is not a must. Depending on the service the crowdworking platform offers other target audiences are attracted as well. Employees, housewives or retirees are often using such platforms to increase their income with these so-called microjobs.

A crowdworker can work from everywhere

A lot of crowdworking platforms offer their jobs on a mobile website or through an app. So, given that some spare time is available, these tasks can be done everywhere, at home, in a coffee shop, on the train or elsewhere. The crowdworker can download new tasks, finish them on the spot and get money. If there is no time or the task is not to the liking of the crowdworker he is not forced to do the job.

What you actually earn depends on the jobs you take on and how many microjobs you are finishing. Some platforms ask you to take pictures, classify questions or write texts. Other tasks are a little bit more challenging, for example if the job asks for the development of software or products. Some tasks have to be done when one is in a certain area. In this case the smartphone’s GPS information is used to activate the tasks. Other jobs can only be done when sitting and working in front of a PC.

Picture of a city skyline being taken with a smartphone

Crowdworking can be easily added to the daily routine

A lot of tasks don’t take that much time so they can be accomplished when there is idle time. Waiting time, travelling time – there is a lot of time when these tasks can be finished. Crowdworkers have the advantage that they can determine when to do the job. In the morning, between other work, or in the evening. The crowdworker has the choice.

However, it is important that the crowdworker is honest about his or her abilities when starting to work. All tasks are specified by certain rules that have to be followed when working on the task. All answers, feedback, and work is checked according to these parameters. If the work is done wrong, no money is paid.

Who should start crowdworking?

So who is crowdworking really for? The answer is simple: Everyone who can see themselves making some extra money in their free time. At first it’s probably not going to be a fortune but it can pay for the next coffee, the next movie ticket, or the next ticket for public transport. If this amount is extrapolated over a month crowdworking can guarantee a nice and reliable extra income.

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Get started with crowdworking

If you are ready to get started with crowdworking now check out our in-depth evaluations of various crowdworking platforms below to find out which could be the right one for you.



Have you tried crowdworking yet or are you interested in taking on the odd job here and there? Let us know in the comments below.

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