Streetspotr – The world’s first online platform for offline brand monitoring

General facts about Streetspotr

Streetspotr was founded in 2011 with 8 employees in Germany and is available in Austria and Switzerland since 2012. The platform offers so called located-based mini jobs (comparable to AppJobber) and tasks which can be carried out anywhere.

For purchasers Streetspotr offers the following services:

  • Real time information on promotions e.g. in the FMCG sector
  • Customer Experience (filtered surveys to users)
  • Service providers/public service (control/maintenance of infrastructure)
  • Publishing houses (positioning of magazines)

Streetspotr user journey

  1. As contractor you have to download the app to be able to use the service or the platform (there is no login on the normal website).
  2. The registration functions either via email or social login.
  3. You start directly with the first task, complete your profile, take a picture of yourself and give your PayPal address.
  4. Micro jobs can then be searched „location based“ or independent of location. Micro jobs are awarded with points which cannot be converted into EUR. But there are additional jobs which are paid with points and with EUR.
  5. After completion of the task it is sent and the payment is transferred to the PayPal account after 30 days at the latest.

Streetspotr app screenshots

A screenshot of the Streetspotr app

A screenshot of the Streetspotr app

A screenshot of the Streetspotr app

A screenshot of the Streetspotr app

A screenshot of the Streetspotr app

Streetspotr data usage range and spreading

In 2012 there were about 500 Power-Users (see The Social Media numbers are: Twitter 1.6 K follower and Facebook 10K fans. According to Streetspotr there are more than 325 K users.

The service is available in the big centers of population in Germany, Austria, UK and Switzerland.

Streetspotr strengths and weaknesses

Streetspotr strengths

  • Website and presentation of the service seem very inviting and appealing, registration is fast via Facebook login.
  • Super Introduction-User Journey (test camera and upload profile picture, record user data, clarify functioning, store PayPal E-mail, UID number, newsletter subscription)
  • Offers jobs for contractors, location-based jobs and tasks which are independent of location.
  • The badge system is motivating

Streetspotr weaknesses

  • Too low payment for micro jobs, some blog-entries share this experience.
  • Paid tasks are rare in Austria and not location based. For the non-paid tasks you collect points and not cash at the beginning of the membership.

Personal evaluation of Streetspotr

The service leaves a professional impression even though the company information concerning the processes procedure in the background is quite poor.

The app is very intuitive and has a very good design. Especially the badges and Community Points are a nice extra incentive.

Unfortunately, the main shortcoming is the poor payment of the tasks as well as the fact that many location based tasks do not make any cash at all. The point system only serves the reputation, which is a qualification model at the same time.



Have you already tried Streetspotr? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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