Online Micro Jobs – Who Else Wants To Make Money Completing Simple Online Micro Jobs?

General Facts about Online Micro Jobs

Online Micro Jobs promises the highest payment for microjobs and best quality for completion of the microjobs“ is the main message of the platform on its website.

Nothing could be found out about the US-American company behind it and its founding. There is only the information that the platform exists since 2012 and holds a cooperation with Matomy Ads (take a look into advertisements, take part in competitions and get microbucks).

The tasks for Workers are simple online tasks, e.g.:

  • Like, comment on web content
  • Post, comment on forum entries
  • Data downloads
  • Etc.

The tasks focus on things that can be carried out via web browser on PC/laptop. A mobile app is not available.

The PHP Software jobfia is technologically behind the platform.

The Online Micro Jobs process

  1. The contractor puts in jobs via the web surface (as registered Worker you can put in jobs as employer). To pay the platform and the Worker the purchaser can transfer money to an online bank account.
  2. New tasks are shown to the Worker in the web interface. The Worker then chooses by the criteria payment and expenditure of time and then finds detailed job descriptions.The collected information on the completion of the tasks are then checked on the basis of certain data (date, time, IP address and optional e.g. user name/password at registration for a task).
  3. After the quality check of the completed task by the purchaser (latest 7 days) and after reaching at least 10 USD the Worker can apply for paying out. The already earned money of a Worker can be converted into a credit. This can then be used by a purchaser for creating a task. Detailed information on the paying out can neither be found in the Terms & Conditions nor anywhere else.
  4. There is no information how the data are transferred to the purchaser. After a task is completed the result can directly be accessed and checked.

Online Micro Jobs user journey

  1. Start page tries to attract with 1 USD Bonus and a job with 4 USD is listed as highest (but cannot be carried out as it is not available)
  2. The registration was fast and without restrictions. Here you can name the online platforms on which you want to carry out the so called Micro Jobs.
  3. After the login the available jobs in the country of the Worker are listed.
  4. The description of the job is short and understandable. The criteria of the „Proof“ that a job is completed are also very easy to understand.
  5. When the task is completed it is checked. After latest 7 days the result is accepted or rejected.
  6. Concerning the payment there is almost no information but 10 USD are minimum for paying out. After some investigation outside the website we found out that for paying out you need a verification of the profile (via SMS PIN). This is to prevent misuse. We requested a PIN but never got an SMS back.

Online Micro Jobs website screenshots

A screenshot of the Online Micro Jobs website

A screenshot of the Online Micro Jobs website

Online Micro Jobs data usage range and spreading

Statistics about the platform could only be found on the platform website (e.g. effective September 4, 2015: ~ 1500 Jobs created ~ 500 available, 27k active users – see homepage (logged out) at Further information could not be found. The Social Media link did not work so there are no Social Media numbers available.

Online Micro Jobs strengths and weaknesses

Online Micro Jobs strengths

  • 1 USD already as registration bonus.
  • It is a good idea that the earned credit (Worker) can be converted to be used as budget (Employer).
  • For recruiting new users there is an Affiliate banner (Widget) which can be used on one’s own website/blog.

Online Micro Jobs weaknesses

  • No information on paying out, e.g. when and if possible with PayPal, etc.
  • No Social Media channels are used for the Worker community.
  • No mobile app (website not responsive), no email newsletter

Personal evaluation of Online Micro Jobs

The platform leaves the impression that there is no further intention to develop it any further. The last news entry was November 30, 2014 and the website has already been offered for sale. As is not mobile-optimized no small tasks can be carried out on the way.

Nothing is said about the process of paying out. This does not make a trustworthy impression between the platform operator and the Workers.

The offered tasks are still interesting and simple but the payment is very poor. Tasks for more than 1 USD where not offered. The expenditure of time to earn 10 USD is quite high and therefore it is not motivating.



Have you already tried Online Micro Jobs? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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