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General facts about Gigwalk

The company was founded in 2010. The basic idea was „efficiency through job-sharing“. In 2011 the company was established with financing funds of 1.7M USD. In 2014 another 10M USD went into the company Gigwalk.

The company is divided into two resorts:

  1. Mobile Crowd sourcing: finding platform for micro job users who use the platform via app. Here the micro jobs are set by the purchasers.
  2. Gigwalk Enterprise: This product addresses business clients who want to realize a job-sharing with mobile support in their company.

The micro jobs are called gigs and can be found in the mobile app map. The payment varies from 3 USD to 90 USD depending on the complexity and expenditure of the task. The collected awards are paid via PayPal.

Examples of Gigs are:

  • Reports on products which are almost sold out in shops
  • Reports on non-available advertising material in shops
  • Real-time information on queues
  • Reports on dirty areas in restaurants

The use of Gigwalk Enterprise at well-known companies is remarkable. Examples are Red Bull or Whirlpool. At Red Bull the Gigwalk Enterprise solution was used for 700 US employees to manage and distribute their tasks. Here Red Bull started the campaign that back office employees switched sides and actively tackled with the customers and sales staff in the retail areas. Their tasks and activities where coordinated via Gigwalk Enterprise.

Apart from the fact that the company is still very active, in May 2015 a partnership with Deloitte was founded for collection of real-time data.

The Gigwalk process

  1. The purchaser puts in so called gigs which are then shown on the map. Most of the purchasers are „end consumer brands“ and distribution partner.
  2. New tasks are then shown on the map on the app. When you choose a task a request for carrying out this task has to be sent. After the confirmation a detailed description of the task is shown.
    The collected data are then checked by the operator of the platform for usability.
  3. After the quality check of the carried out tasks by the purchaser the payment is transferred to the PayPal account. This can take up to 3 weeks after completion of the task.
  4. There is no information about how data are transferred to the purchaser. It is assumed that this is done via the web platform in which the purchaser can log in.

Gigwalk user journey

A user journey could not be tested or run through as the mobile app is not available in the Austrian Apple App Store.

Gigwalk app screenshots

As the end user app was not available no screenshots could be made.

Gigwalk data usage range and spreading

No information on the spreading could be found. The user number is said to be 500K. To work as Gigwalker you have to be US citizen. Therefore the spreading on the market is limited. The Social Media numbers (Twitter follower ~ 4K, Facebook fans ~ 7K) are rather small.

Gigwalk strengths and weaknesses

Gigwalk strengths

  • Performance score or activity level is a good factor for motivation. This is calculated on the basis of the 90 days activity history. Depending on the level more or less Gigs can be claimed in the App.
  • Well-known purchasers and GigWalk Enterprise User (Red Bull, Deloitte, Pfizer, Wrigley, Unilever, Whirlpool, 7-Eleven)

Gigwalk weaknesses

  • No international use possible.
  • Poor information for potential purchasers.
  • So far no special user qualifications for certain gigs are apparent.

Personal evaluation of Gigwalk

The service design seems modern and thought-out. With the start in the year 2011 there was big media response but there are not many news or reports about the platform now. As the App could not be tested we can only fall back on the experience of other users. According to this report an award of often 4 USD for 15-30 minutes is quite fair. The financial position of the company seems to be save. This can be deduced from the last capital raising.



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