Crowdtap – Get rewarded for your opinions & connect with top brands

General facts about Crowdtap

Crowdtap was founded in 2009 in New York and serves as Online Marketing Service platform that connects purchasers and contractors. The contractors can take part in the following fields:

  • Discussion
  • Survey
  • Content challenge
  • Sharing

One field is emphasized on the platform: Crowdtap defines itself in it as opinion platform for top brands (e.g. product sample testing).

The platform is focused on the US market only.

Two main messages are sent to the purchasers:

  • People powered marketing (user generated content, opinion leaders, etc.)
  • Always-on community (Social Web as resource)

The Crowdtap process

Unfortunately this could not be tested as only US citizens can take part.

It is known from a blog article that on Crowdtap users collect points for actions (e.g. points for a survey, contribution to a discussion etc.). For some users there is also direct cash. The points can then be converted, e.g.: 85.000 points are worth 65 USD.

Crowdtap screenshot

A screenshot of the Crowdtap website

Crowdtap data usage range and spreading

Definite user numbers and statements on the spreading could not be gathered. In its Social Media area the platform has ~13k Twitter followers and ~52k Facebook fans. Therefore we can presume a user number of about 100k to 300k.

Crowdtap user journey

Could not be tested as only US citizens can take part.

Crowdtap strengths and weaknesses

Crowdtap strengths

  • Platform has raised financial strength on account of its investors.
    Good revenue according to Forbes 6.5M USD (2014)

Crowdtap weaknesses

  • There is no App for the service but the website is responsive.
  • The payment is too low for the expenditure of time (see experience from this blog article)

Personal evaluation of Crowdtap

The presentation of the service seems very professional, especially the list of customers (international corporations) gives a professional impression. Unfortunately, you can only register as contractor when you register your place of residence or at least your digital profile in the US (Facebook Login with place of residence Austria did not work, E-mail registering did not work because of Geo-blocking of IP).

The platform won a lot of marketing awards in the past (see and still relies on its growth (many job advertisements). In 2014 the company had 55 employees.

The fact that there is no App variation and the payment of the tasks is way too low (see blog article link before) is to be mentioned negatively.



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